What to do 
coming to TwinkleToes for a pointe shoe
**Please read all of the information below before you come to TwinkleToes for a pointe shoe fitting** 
1) Call for Appointment
2) Ample Time
3) Pepare Your Feet!
4) What to Bring
5) What to Wear
6) Ordering  
7) Teacher Check

1)  Call Ahead!!  I now require an appointment for all pointe shoe fittings, except for pre-pointe shoes.  If you come in without making an appointment, I may or may not be available to fit you.  
Calling ahead will ensure your trip is not be a waste of time. 

2)  Ample Time!! Please allow ample time for a fitting. A fitting may take 1 to 1.5 hours.  First time on pointe appointments will require approximately 2 hours or more!  

3) Prepare Your Feet! To avoid bruised toenails and allow for a proper and comfortable fit,  your toenails should be clipped before you come.  Cut them straight across and not rounded at the corners to avoid ingrown toenails. When you press on the end of your big toe, you should not feel the nail, only your skin. 

4)  What To Bring!!  Always bring in your last pair of pointe shoes or the ones you are currently wearing, including all pads, spacers etc. This cuts down drastically on the time it takes to fit another pair and helps to ensure a proper fit! 

5) What to Wear!! Please don't wear tight jeans, tights or slim skirts. I need to see your feet, ankles and leg line to fit properly. Wear something comfortable you can do 2nd position plie in and roll up to mid calf!  

6)  Ordering !!  I prefer everyone comes into the store when ordering pointe shoes, but if you are over the age of 18 or for someone who's foot has not changed for at least 2 years, you may call ahead and place an order for a currently worn shoe without coming in. We do however want you to try them on before picking them up.  If you are  17 or under, you should always come into the store to be measured and refitted, just in case your foot has changed or grown.  

7)  Teacher Check!!  If you are required to, have your teacher check your new pointe shoes BEFORE you put the ribbons and elastics on.  You may return a pair (with receipt) that have not been worn. If they have been sewn or worn, I cannot take them back.  If your teacher does not like them for any reason, have her write down what was wrong, bring the receipt and the paperwork and we will refit for a new pair.