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 Last Week in September Hours
                            Sunday  25th     CLOSED 
                            Monday             3pm-7pm
                            Tuesday            3pm-7pm
                            Wednesday      1pm-7pm
Closed Thursday-Friday-Saturday
                      Sunday October 2nd         11am-4pm 
                      Monday October 3rd         11am-4pm
               Wednesday October 5th         12pm-6pm


I feel so blessed for everyone that has reached out in person and online about my retirement. I really appreciate all your kind words through this very emotional time. I will cherish every moment and pass on stories to my grandchildren!
   Love you all!!

The time has come for Pointe Shoe Patti to retire from the dance retail world and close the store after serving the seacoast dance community for 19 years. This decision was made with a heavy heart and did not come easily. I am excited to say that I am now a two-time Grandma, “Noki” and have 4 treasured step grandchildren whom I absolutely love and adore! They all live up in Maine and I want to spend precious time with them before they have grown up and I’ve missed any of their milestones! My husband “Groot” who has been working in either Atlanta GA or Columbus Ohio since 1998, is now working from home, believe it or not, I want to spend quality time with him too!  
 The stars have aligned, and I realize it’s time to for me to “Close The Barre". As much as I love what I do and have put my whole heart into fitting you, my valued customers, I am beyond excited for my next adventure of being retired and a full-time grandma!!! 

 I want to take a moment to open my heart and give thanks to all of you, my wonderful, dedicated, loyal customers, employees, friends and all my family. There is no doubt I could not have been so successful without you!! You will always be a part of who I am, the stories that I tell my grandchildren and mostly my precious memories of my life at TwinkleToes!! 
  Thank You all from the bottom of my heart!