The Barn
Where: 80 Lafayette Road, Hampton Falls NH 03844

About 2 Miles South on Route 1 from our old location

Please be aware:
Websites that are not ours have the wrong address! When using GPS or phone, it has been brought to our attention that they don't all bring you to our location! Make sure the GPS says 
Hampton Falls. 
Please use the direction page for the most accurate route!

*Looking at the picture above, TwinkleToes will be in the barn to the left*

  We have been open since July 1st, 2015!!

Why?: It is bigger!! We need more space for more inventory for YOU! It is in an old barn over 200 years old, with great architecture and a great atmosphere that we couldn't let this one go!

​We are a work in progress but please stop by and check it out!
See you there!!
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